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  • Hello, I'm Brenda.

    I work with people who want to make positive changes in their health and quality of life. I know the balancing act of work life, family life, and trying to carve out time for yourself. I understand it’s a big step to prioritize your health, focus on yourself, and set off in a new direction.

  • Are you ready to put yourself on your to-do list?

  • About Coaching

    What is a health and wellness coach, and what can you gain from the coaching process?

    As your health coach, I will provide the holistic wellness planning, support and accountability you need to achieve positive changes in your health and life.


    Showing up for yourself and going after what you want can be overwhelming, and sometimes it feels like it is easier to stay where you are. I will support and encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone, and help you get unstuck in the areas of your health where you would like to see changes.


    Your lifestyle habits are the biggest determinants of your health!


    Some of the reasons people seek out a Health and Wellness coach are: to change or establish lifestyle habits to control or avoid chronic health conditions; to increase energy; stress management; for nutrition and weight loss support; incorporating more fitness/movement and how to fit that into your life.



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    Live consciously and be in control

    Boost your energy and reduce stress

    Build healthy habits

    Evolve into Your Best You

  • Empower Yourself

    All coaching sessions can be conducted virtually (phone, skype, zoom) or we can meet in person; we can connect when and where it works best for you. I also provide email support to keep you on track with your goals.

    Discovery Session: Become Your Best You

    This is the first step to better health and wellness. In this complimentary, one hour consultation, we will:

    • Develop a powerful vision for what Becoming Your Best You looks like for you 
    • Uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the health and life you want
    • Discover which lifestyle habits are bringing your health/life/energy down and what to do about it
    • Get clear on what a step-by-step, custom plan might look like for you

    Health Reboot: An Easy Reset Cleanse Program For Beginners

    Ever need to reboot your computer when it starts acting up? The Health Reboot takes the same approach with your body, helping you recenter your mind and refresh your body with a 14-day cleanse. Although our bodies are designed to be self-cleaning and to excrete toxins, some chemicals build up in our fat cells and cell membranes, causing a variety of symptoms. A cleanse can help flush out the toxins, and can often alleviate a whole range of health challenges.


    The Health Reboot is a gentle, whole foods cleanse, led by your coach as a four-week program: Week 1 - Pre-cleanse preparation, including shopping and goal setting; Week 2 - Cleanse, simple elimination food plan; Week 3 - Cleanse, and gradual food re-introduction; Week 4 - transition, clarifying food commitments moving forward. The Reboot includes four 30-minute private coaching sessions. And as an additional resource, I provide an informative eBook with a shopping list, useful self-care tips, sample meal plans, and recipes.


    Interested in Rebooting with a group of friends? This program is perfect for group bookings, for extra support, camaraderie, and way more fun!

    Jumpstart to Health: A 30-Day Program To Get You On the Right Track

    This 30-day coaching program includes four 1-hour private coaching sessions. We will work together to create a custom wellness plan specific to your goals, with easy, weekly action steps to keep you on track. Depending on your health and wellness goals, we may focus on: creating a food plan that supports eating high energy foods for your unique body; stress management; incorporating more movement; and understanding and preventing counter-productive behaviours. This program is a great launch point for you to explore the benefits of health coaching, and you can transition directly to the 90-day program for longer-term support in establishing healthy habits.

    Total Transformation: the 90-Day Program

    Have you heard that it takes 90 days to create a new habit? The Total Transformation 90-day Program includes twelve 1-hour private coaching sessions over 3 months, with additional email coaching support as needed. This 12-week coaching program provides the system, support and accountability needed to create positive habits that influence your overall health.


    We will start the program by co-creating a custom wellness plan specific to your goals, with weekly action steps to keep you on track. It is important to note that goals provide us with direction, but it is the system and committing to the process that makes the difference. Initially, we cover some of the same topics that I discuss with clients in the Jumpstart program (nutrition, goals, current habits), but we deep-dive into additional wellness topics, that are specific to your needs and goals, which may include topics such as stress reduction, mindfulness, and more. To maximize your awareness of topics discussed, you will be provided with a number of information resources to support your wellness journey.

  • 95% of our behaviour occurs out of habit

    either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands.

  • Contact

    Brenda Devine, Registered Health and Wellness Coach

  • About Me

    I was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC and I have a deep connection to the outdoors. The mountains have been my playground since childhood, and even today, most of my recreational time is spent outside with my husband and two kids.


    My commitment to healthy eating and living was heightened when I was pregnant with my first child. After I gave birth, my thyroid started causing problems with my health. During this time, I also discovered that my gut and digestion issues were related to food intolerances. I went on a trial and error journey, trying to get to the root cause of my issues. I have great compassion for those who are on a path of healing because I know firsthand the challenges of finding what works for your own unique body.


    My interest in health and wellness coaching evolved as I searched for solutions for my own health issues. I left behind a 20-year career in the public education system and jumped head-on into pursuing my passion for health and wellness. My health and life coaching training, my Bachelor of Physical Education, and my own personal health journey are all assets in supporting and understanding personal health journeys of others.


    I am committed to a holistic approach to achieve ultimate health for myself and others.

  • Testimonials

    Accessed my own inner strength...

    This program gave me the tools and knowledge to identify and access my own inner strength and ability to make better choices about how I go about my daily life. The 3 month time frame created room to see exciting changes happening in my life as a result of breaking free of old habits and experimenting with making new, healthier ways. Brenda goes to great lengths to tailor the program to the client’s needs and circumstances and she takes the time to explore and discuss items of special interest. Weekly interactive phone meetings were very convenient and enabled me to access health coaching services from the comfort of my own home.

    - Sarah D., North Vancouver, British Columbia

    Fit into my crazy schedule...

    I was inspired by Brenda’s enthusiasm and obvious love of what she was doing- it was contagious! Our 1 hour phone call, once a week fit my crazy schedule no problem and I found myself looking forward to it each week. Before I started the program I had difficulty getting motivated. Brenda taught me some very useful tools and action steps that helped me to form some great new habits. The result, 12 weeks later, is a new normal that is my launching point for further growth - something that I am excited about and feel motivated to continue!

    - Kirstin D., Boise, Idaho

    Helped me achieve my goals...

    I had wanted to go back to the gym for a few years, but even though I would start the week with the idea in mind, I actually never made it there. With Brenda's support, I am happy to say that I achieved my goals of going to the gym twice/week consistently and most often 3 times. I have maintained my commitment to going to the gym after the completion of my coaching program, as it is now a habit and I don’t even think about it, it’s what I do. Working with Brenda as my Health Coach was definitely instrumental for me to achieve my goals, especially this one. Knowing that I had to report to someone helped me stay focused on my goals and better connect to the reasons I wanted to achieve them.

    - Linda L., Vancouver, British Columbia

    Held me accountable ...

    I cannot say enough about Brenda's skills as a health and wellness coach. The tools I am taking away after our 12 weekly sessions are tools I will continue to use in many situations in my life. I feel more grounded, more in control and more joyous about the decisions I am making for myself. Motivation and will power only got me so far. Brenda held me accountable to consistent behaviours that caused me to shift. Thank you Brenda. I am forever grateful.

    - Melanie Martin, North Vancouver, British Columbia

    Listened to me with patience and without judgement ...

    It was random coincidence that I met with Brenda as I had never thought of reaching out to a life coach before. I was/am struggling with more than a year-long depression and a recently diagnosed auto immune disorder when I met her and I was desperate. She had the patience to listen to me without judgement when I needed the most. She has been very personable, understanding, caring as well as guiding. She is very resourceful and creative in what she does. She helped me regain perspective of my life, helped me to start smiling again. She helped me remember how important it was to give kindness and how it helps to grow it everywhere you go. Within one to two weeks of our interaction I started enjoying family meals again, I started re-bonding with my kids. I started to take care of me while taking care of my family. I am very thankful that I have met her and I would recommend Brenda and her services to anyone.

    - B.O., North Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Credentials

    Transformational Coaching Program


    Health Coach Institute

    Life Coaching Program


    Health Coach Insitute

    Health Coaching Program


    Health Coach Institute

    Registered Health Coach (License ID #1700516)


    Canadian Health Coach Alliance

    Bachelor of Physical Education


    University of British Columbia